Training Times:












  •      Attend a minimum of 2 sessions a week.
  •      Arrive on time for all sessions.
  •      Be prepared to listen to the coach and work effectively to meet training targets.
  •      Be respectful to the coaching staff, team mates and poolside helpers both at training and competition.
  •      Enter designated competitions for your squad.
  •      Be available to represent the club at galas for which you are selected.
  •      Have fun.


Swimmers require the following equipment

  •    Hat and goggles
  •    Kickboard
  •    Fins
  •    Drinks bottle


  •     Stroke technique and drill progressions on all four competitive strokes, using controlled sets.
  •     Endurance and speed training.
  •     Introduction to IM swimming
  •     Introduction to turns for all four competitive strokes and IM.
  •     Introduction to shallow water competitive starts on all four strokes.
  •     Relay takeovers.
  •     Correct finishes on all 4 competitive strokes.
  •     Sculling.
  •     Using a pace clock.
  •     Rules of the sport.


Criteria to move to County Junior

  •     200m FC with tumble turns, bilateral breathing and correct finish
  •     200m BC with tumble turns, a straight arm pulling action and correct finish
  •     200m Brst with correct turns, underwater pullouts and finish
  •     100m Fly with fins and correct turn and finish
  •     100m IM with correct turns
  •     A competitive racing start

*For use as a guideline, squad movement is at the discretion of the Head Coach