Potential Squad swimmers focus on fundamental skill development. Swimmers are working to maintain techniques and skills in preparation for participation in competition. Those who are old enough to compete will be invited to do so in a mixture of team events, mini meets and open meets when they are ready.

Ages 7-11 as of 31st December

Training Sessions


Pool Sessions















Downham Market






Downham Market



General Squad Expectations

  • Arrive on time for all sessions and with the correct kit.
  • Always give your best and be coachable i.e. prepared to listen to the coach and work effectively to meet training targets and goals.
  • Be respectful to the coaching staff, team mates and poolside helpers both at training and competition.
  • Enter designated competitions for your squad and enter a wide range of events.
  • Be available to represent the club at galas for which you are selected.
  • Have fun and support each other, but aim to achieve goals for yourself not to please others.



Specific Squad Expectations

  • Swimmers demonstrate the attitude and desire to improve their stroke and skill level. They back this up with an energetic, positive and committed approach to their training.
  • They demonstrate a strong work ethic and are committed to achieving the attendance requirement of attending all available training sessions each week more often than not.
  • Work towards squad training goals.

Swimmers require the following equipment

  • Small Kickboard
  • Short training Fins
  • Drinks bottle


  • Develop stroke technique on all four competitive strokes using drills.
  • Develop starts, turns and finishes.
  • Develop both speed and endurance.
  • Learn good lane etiquette.
  • Learn to use the pace clock in all training sets.
  • Learn the rules of the sport.


Criteria to move to County Junior

  • 200m FC with tumble turns, bilateral breathing and correct finish
  • 200m BC with tumble turns, a straight arm pulling action and correct finish
  • 200m Brst with correct turns, underwater pullouts and finish
  • 100m Fly with fins and correct turn and finish
  • 100m IM with correct turns
  • A competitive racing start
  • Execute all squad goals consistently to a good standard
  • Regularly attend the 2 swim sessions available in Potential Squad


*For use as a guideline, squad movement is at the discretion of the Head Coach