Training Sessions

Monday               6.00-7.30am          King's Lynn        OR        Saturday               7.00-8.30am         Downham Market
Monday                7.30-9.30pm         King’s Lynn
Tuesday               8.00-9.00pm         Downham Market & 6.30-7.15pm Land Training (Additional £1)
Thursday              8.00-9.30pm         King’s Lynn
Friday                    7.30-9.30pm         King’s Lynn & 6.30-7.15pm TRX or Spin / Pilates (Additional £1) alternate weeks

General Squad Expectations

▪ Arrive on time for all sessions.
▪ Be coachable i.e. prepared to listen to the coach and work effectively to meet training targets.
▪ Be respectful to the coaching staff, team mates and poolside helpers both at training and competition.
▪ Enter designated competitions for your squad.
▪ Be available to represent the club at galas for which you are selected.
▪ Have fun.

Specific Squad Expectations

▪ Attend a minimum of 4 pool sessions and 1 land training session per week, but where possible take up the option of the 5th   
   pool session a week and attend both land training sessions.
▪ Swimmers are on poolside at least 15 minutes before the start of each pool session (excluding morning training) to complete
   stability and mobility work. Swimmers will not get in the pool until they have completed 15 minutes of good quality pre-pool work.
▪ Swimmers complete at least 10 minutes of stretching after every pool session.
▪ Swimmers are to enter a minimum of 10 competitions / open meets throughout the season.
▪ Swimmers have the ability and show ambition of attaining Regional and National Qualifying times and back this up with an
   energetic, positive and committed approach to their training
▪ Work towards squad training and competition goals.
▪ Support each other and compete respectfully.
▪ Show a commitment to preparing for training and competition and recovering afterwards.
▪ Swimmers require the following training equipment:
                           ▪ Stretch band
                           ▪ Kickboard
                           ▪ Fins
                           ▪ Pull Buoy
                           ▪ Hand paddles
                           ▪ Snorkel
                           ▪ Drinks bottle


▪ Continue with a holistic approach to training using all energy systems.
▪ Progressive overload.
▪ Continue to use a multi-stroke approach whilst specialising with variation & flexibility.
▪ Performing skills with repeatable excellence.
▪ Use times and heart rates to develop judgement of pace and perceived effort whilst controlling training intensity.
▪ Speed work at start of session to develop speed & at speed work at the end of sessions to develop race specific endurance.
▪ Develop Land Training using circuits, aerobic conditioning, weights and plyometric work.
▪ Apply nutrition, psychology and recovery techniques to produce optimum results in training and competition.