Over seventy swimmers represented the #purplearmy

Over seventy swimmers represented the #purplearmy of West Norfolk Swimming Club, at the 2019 March Long Course meet hosted by City of Norwich SC at The Sportspark over the first weekend of March. The competition was the first opportunity of the season for many swimmers to compete in a 50m pool. 

Some fantastic swims across all age groups yields a host of personal best times, contributing to WNSC winning the trophy for top club.

Harvey Isle’s excellent performance over the weekend earned him the trophy for ‘Top Boy’.  A very strong showing over the weekend by Wiktoria Marcinek saw her take second spot in the ‘Top Girl’ ranking.

Swimmers who won events in their age groups were;

Esmie Kidman 12 yrs girls 400m freestyle,

Leah Wightman, 13 yrs girls 100m 400m freestyle, 50m butterfly

Kristina Sutika-Totlebena, 10 yrs girls 100m breaststroke,

Ellie Mei Shepperson, 14 yrs and over girls 100m, 200m breaststroke,

Harvey Isle, 13yrs boys 50m, 100m backstroke, 200m individual medley, 50m, 100m, 400mfreestyle, 100m, 200m butterfly,

Kyle Ostil, 12 yrs boys 50m breaststroke, 100m freestyle, 50m, 100m butterfly,

Freddie Laws, 14 yrs and over boys 50m, 100m breaststroke, 200m, 400m individual medley, 200m butterfly,

Leah Wightman, 13 yrs girls 200m butterfly, 50m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 200m individual medley,

Erica Charters, 13 yrs girls 400m individual medey,

Wiktoria Marcinek, 10 yrs girls, 200m backstroke,

Abigail Nicholson, 12 yrs girls 200 backstroke, 200m freestyle,

Joe Wells, 14 yrs and over boys, 100m freestyle,

Harry Malton, 11 yrs boys, 400m individual medley,

Jacob Isle, 14 yrs and over boys, 400m freestyle,

Olivia Skittrell, 11 yrs girls 200m breaststroke.

The pace of racing now begins to pick up for members of the club, with the West Norfolk Open Meet taking place on 16th and 17th March at St James pool in Kings Lynn.