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East Region 2018 Long Course Championships 

Twenty one members of West Norfolk Swimming Club qualified to compete at the Swim England East Region 2018 Long Course Championships.  The competition took place in Norwich on the early May bank holiday weekend, the hottest of the year so far.
Between them the team amassed 4 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals, putting them in 8thplace among the 30 clubs represented at the event.
Alex Florance (18yrs) Raced 50m and 100m breaststroke, finishing in 10th and 11th spots respectively.
Alfie Randall (16yrs) racing at his first regionals, took part in the 50m breaststroke, swimming a personal best time (PB) finishing 30th. Archie Holman (20yrs) and Ryan Sykes (22) also raced the 50m breaststroke, 53rd and 43rd.
Bryony Pack (17yrs) competed in butterfly, over 50m and 100m distances.  She finished 19th over 50m and qualified for the 100m final, finishing in 8th position.
Ellie Mei Shepperson (15yrs) swam breaststroke in 50m, 100m and 200m events, achieving personal best times to qualify for the finals over all three distances.  She finished 8th in 50m, 7th in 100m and 6th in 200m.
Finlay Ryan (19yrs) swam PB times in the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke to gain places in the finals where he finished 6th, 8th and 9th. He also swam PB times in the 50m freestyle (9th), 100m freestyle (17th), 400m individual medley, finishing 8th. The highlight of his weekend was PB in the heat of the 200m Individual Medley, and then taking off almost two further seconds in the final, becoming the East Region Champion.
Freddie Laws (15yrs) raced 50m 100m and 200m breaststroke, 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly and 200m and 400m individual medley, with PBs in nearly every event.  Freddie finished 7th in the 50m breaststroke, took the bronze medal in the 100m Breastroke final and swam a magnificent race to take gold in the 200m breaststroke final.  In butterfly Freddie finished 38th in 50m, 21st in 100m and 13th in 200m. He was 11th and 5th in the 200m and 400m IM.
Jenn Read (16yrs) swam the 200m butterfly event, finishing in 13th place.
Joe Wells (19yrs) swam a PB in the 100m freestyle finishing 25th. He also raced the 200m freestyle (13th) and 50m butterfly (31st) events.
Lara Grace Mount (16yrs) raced 50m freestyle (19th), swam a PB in the 100m backstroke heat, earning a place in the final, finishing 7th in the finals of both 100m and 200m backstroke. Lara also swam a PB in the 50m butterfly to finish in 10th.
Lucie Peck (15yrs) qualified and swam in 10 events over the course of the first weekend. They were 100m, 200m (10th), 400m and 800m freestyle (4th), 50m (21st), 100m and 200m butterfly 200m backstroke and 200m (5th) and 400m IM.  Lucie opened the weekend with a PB heat time in the 200m butterfly to gain a place in the final where she finished 4th. She went on to race a PB in the same session over 400m freestyle, taking a bronze medal.  A PB in the 200m back stroke got her into the final where she placed 6th.  Lucie PB'd in the 100m butterfly heat, and then again in the final, finishing 7th. She PB’d in the 100m freestyle finishing 11th, a PB time of 5.16.21 saw her just miss gold and have to settle for silver in the 400m IM.
Luke Bryan (18yrs) also had a busy weekend, racing 11 events, 100m (PB,26th), 200m (18th) and 1500m freestyle, 50m (18th), 100m (10th), 200m breaststroke, 50m (PB, 16th), 100m (22nd) and 200m butterfly and 200m (16th) and 400m IM.  Most notably Luke finished 8th in the 1500m freestyle, 5th in the 400 IM and also the finals of the 200m butterfly PB and 200m breaststroke.
Molly Lee (17yrs) took a hat-trick of medals in the breastroke events with bronze in the 100m, and gold in both the 50m and 200m events.
Oliver Harris (17yrs) swam in the 50m breaststroke (49th) and 50m butterfly (42nd) events.
Oliver Kenny (21) raced in six events over the three days of the first weekend, 50m freestyle (24th), 50m (27th) and 100m (20th) butterfly, 50m breaststroke (40th), 50m (18th) and 100m backstroke (18th).
Rachael Johnson (16yrs) qualified to compete in the 50m, 100m (14th) and 200m breaststroke, 100m butterfly (29th), 100m backstroke (21st) and 400m IM. Rachel swam PB times in the heats of the 50m (11th) and 200m breaststroke earning a place in the 200m final, where she finished in 6th place. She also swam a PB time in the 400m individual medley, finishing in 7th spot.
Rosie Muspratt (16yrs) competed in the 50m and 100m breaststroke events, finishing in 15th and 20th positions respectively.
Roxanne Uys competed in the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, 100m backstroke (11th) and 200m IM.  Roxii took a pair of bronze medals in the 50m and 200m breast stroke distances, and was squeezed into 4th over 100m.  She also swam a PB in the 200m IM heat, gaining a place in the final where she went on to finish 4th, wiping a further 4 seconds off her PB.
Samuel Peck (18yrs) raced in 7 events, the 400m freestyle (18th), 50m (22nd), 100m (14th) and 200m breaststroke (14th), 100m(25th), 200m (4th) and 400m individual medley (7th).
Samuel Rose (15yrs) raced in 9 events, 50m, 100m,  200m and 400m freestyle, 50m and 100m butterfly, 50m and 200m backstroke, and 200m individual medley. Sam PB’d in the heat and then again in the final of the 50m backstroke, finishing 4th. He swam a PB time in the 200m backstroke (9th) and the 200m IM, finishing 4th in the final. In freestyle he won bronze over 50m, and finished 5th with a PB over 100m, 5th in the 200m and 4th in the 400m.  He was 6th in the finals  of the 50m and 100m butterfly events.
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will see the introduction of 800m mens and 1500m womens freestyle events.  Swim England have introduced these ‘Reverse Distance’ events at Regional Championships for the first time this year, and on Saturday 19th May, the competition was held for them at Basildon Sporting Village.
Lucie Peck (15yrs), 1500m freestyle took silver in her age group in a time of 18 mins, 4.38 seconds.
Harry Sharpe (13yrs), Luke Bryan (18yrs) and Robert Addis (14yrs) all finished 8th in their respective age groups and Sam Rose (15yrs) finished 7th in his.
Next weekend, it’s the turn of the younger swimmers to compete their regional championships, when they are held over the three day weekend at Luton Inspire Sports Village.

Several of the WNSC East Region 2018 Long Course Championship athletes:
Back Row – Ollie Harris, Joe Wells, Oli Kenny, Luke Bryan, Alex Florance
Middle Row – Bryony Pack, Molly Lee, Roxanne Uys, Sam Rose, Alfie
Front Row – Rachel Johnson, Rosie Muspratt, Lucie Peck, Freddie Laws, Jenn Read