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Swim camp 2017 

Few groups of people have a bond quite as strong as a swimming team, and few swimming teams have a bond quite as strong as West Norfolk. Following the week long swim camp to Loutraki in Greece, West Norfolk are closer than ever.

An overseas swim camp was a step up for the club. Since 2009 swim camps have only been held in a 25 metre pool in the not-so- exotic location of Suffolk. This year saw the opportunity to train for 20 hours in a 50m outdoor pool in a much more pleasant climate. This allowed for increased intensity and specialisation. Training was further aided by the camp being run in partnership with the Borough of Harrow Swimming Club, who are coached by the former King’s Lynn Warriors coach, Stewart Park.

The pool sessions were complemented by an hour of daily land training in the warm April sunshine. Free time often saw the swimmers playing beach volleyball, culminating in an exciting showdown between West Norfolk and Harrow.

All swimmers rose to the challenges posed throughout the week, with improved fitness, skills and an overall increased self –belief to take forward in to the summer season. Both Sam Peck and Joe Wells shone in their commitment, putting in an incredible 90 repetitions of 100m sets in the penultimate training session.

Such an event is only possible with a great deal of planning and support. All the swimmers wish to thank Sarah Vanderloo for running the camp and ensuring they gained the maximum benefit. Sarah was helped by Josh Gray and Cheryl Peck throughout the week.

Huge thanks to Keith Sykes and 5 Star Cases for generous sponsorship of the whole venture.

Further thanks to Stewart Park and his fellow Harrow coaches, Daniel Andrawos and Gill Muir.

Finally all the swimmers wish to extend thanks to their parents and families for their generous support in sending them to Greece , coupled with their ongoing support in all areas of their sport.